Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Pine Class (Year 2)

A very warm welcome to Pine class! I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and a well-deserved break; we have an exciting year ahead of us.

My name is Miss Huggett and I will be teaching Pine Class this year with the support of our lovely Teaching Assistant Mrs Hall.

We are very excited about the upcoming school year and have many exciting learning opportunities planned throughout.

We will be working alongside Maple Class this year on the following topics:

Term 1- We are one world

Term 2- The Great Fire of London

Term 3- Traditional tales and Marc Chagall

I look forward to getting to know all the children in my class and providing enjoyable and engaging learning opportunities throughout the year!

Please ensure that named P.E kits are kept in school every day.


Term 1: We are one world

This term in Pine class we have had a fantastic time getting to know one another and investigating our topic ‘we are one world’. We have created some incredible self-portraits and worked hard on developing our Literacy skills this term. We have also been studying our local area and community, comparing the cultures and beliefs that can be found around the world. We have had fantastic learning opportunities this term including the opportunity to drum with Kakatsitsi drummers.

Term 2: The Great Fire of London

Welcome back after half term, we hope you had a restful break. This term we are studying the Great Fire of London. We have many exciting learning opportunities planned this term including creating our own Tudor houses and recreating the Great Fire of London. We have had a successful beginning to the term, writing our own poems about our topic and investigating the events that led to the Great Fire of London.

We will be continuing to send home spelling and reading books every week. If you could you’re your child practice these frequently throughout the week and ask them questions about their understanding of what they have read it will support their learning greatly. Please ensure that named P.E kits are kept in school every day.

Health Week

This week in Pine class we have created some delicious honey flapjacks. We focused on healthy swaps and what we could do to make our flapjacks even more nutritious e.g. adding dried fruit.

We have also been looking at how to apply our maths skills to our baking by measuring the weight of ingredients and halving our recipe.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We have had been very busy over the last week in Pine Class. We have done some fantastic learning regarding healthy alternatives for our favourite treats and snacks. We had the opportunity to make some amazing honey flapjacks last week and applied a lot of our recent learning to this marvellous creation. We practiced measuring different ingredients, writing command sentences and using adverbs in our writing.

We have also been studying the different food groups and the amounts of each food we should have in a meal so that we can focus on keeping our bodies healthy.

During healthy week we have also had the opportunity to learn about what we need to keep our minds healthy. In Pine Class we know that lots of things keep our mind healthy including: Sleep, no more than 2 hours screen time, playing outside in fresh air and spending time with our friends and family. We aim to keep our minds healthy by doing these things as regularly as possible!

A note from Mikolaj and Archie: ‘We have been learning about healthy food this week. It is important to eat healthily and do exercise to keep a healthy heart. Top tip: We think you should have less screen time and go outside more!’


Pine class Newsletter:

Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful break and have all come back ready for the upcoming term. This week in Pine class we have begun our new topic of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind by starting our studies of still life paintings. We have begun to consider what we would like to include in our own upcoming works. This week we have also began to look at writing our own stories inspired by the traditional tales that we have read. We look forward to all the amazing learning we have coming up this term.

The Wild Place Project

On Thursday the 15th March 2018 Pine and Maple class went on an adventure to the Wild Place Project in Bristol. Whilst out on our trip we had an amazing time, we learnt about deforestation taking place in Madagascar, we discussed ways that we could work to prevent it and shared what we had already learnt about deforestation at school. We also were very lucky to see some incredible animals up close! Take a look through our photos to see the beautiful giraffes, quick cheetahs and the stripy zebras. We hope you enjoy our photos!

World book day- 6th March 2018

Wow what an exciting day! This week we celebrated world book day here at Newtown School. In Pine class we saw some incredible costumes and had an amazing time discussing our favourite books.

Here is an overview of our day- written by Georgie Ford (Pine Class)

Yesterday it was world book day!!! We all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. Let me tell you who some people were.

Poppy was Wendy from Where’s Wally, Dominik was Peter Pan, Lianne was the fairy who loved unicorns and I was charlotte the spider from charlotte’s web. Everyone was so beautiful!

Term 3:

Wow! We have had such an amazing time this term in Pine class. This term we all had the opportunity to grow our own broad beans in jars in our classroom. These grew so tall that they needed to be grown in the garden to get all the nutrients they need. We will keep checking on these to see how they are growing.

We have had a very exciting term so far in Pine class, which began by studying our focus artist, Marc Chagall. All the children in Pine class have created some beautiful artwork that demonstrates their amazing artistic skills. This week we have been investigating what plants need in order to grow and have planted our own broad beans seeds to observe over the next few weeks.

In class this week: Pine Class

Pine class would like to welcome everyone back from the October half term, we hope you have had a restful break and are enjoying the new school term. This term in Pine class we are studying the Great Fire of London and enjoying getting stuck into this topic. We are looking forward to creating our own Tudor houses to recreate our own model version of the Great Fire of London. In Literacy we have begun writing some incredible poems about the Great Fire of London and look forward to developing our writing skills this term.