Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'


I have written previously about how important a strong partnership between home and school is when it comes to helping children to achieve their best. This partnership is developed in many ways at Newtown, one of which is through our regular homework. A good, purposeful and well managed homework programme helps children to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning. Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education.


All our classes take home some form of homework each week. This ranges from our youngest children in Willow class learning initial key words, right through to our eldest children in Oak class developing the important independent learning skills that will help them succeed both now, and more importantly in the future, when they move on to their secondary school in July.


To help you understand the purpose and organisation of our homework programme please see the Homework Timetable.


Homework Policy

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