Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Oak Class (Year 6)

Hello and a very big warm welcome to year six, Oak class. Our teacher is Miss Fisher and our teaching assistant is the talented Mrs King.


Year six is a very challenging year academically but also socially; with SATs and secondary school getting increasing closer the children will feel the pressure. However, my aim is to make the year fun and memorable and ensure the children leave Newtown as well prepared for their next journey as possible. The children will have many fun opportunities this year with a residential trip to Braeside, other topic related excursions as well as organising and leading events within the school. Yes it will be hard work, but it most definitely will be rewarding and my only rules are that everyone tries their best and is tolerant of one another. We are a team in Oak class and I cannot wait to embark on this journey with the children.


Key things to remember:


  • PE kit needs to be in school every day

  • Children are expected to read daily and record this in the back of their learning destination book. Parents please listen to them as often as possible.

  • Before reading in the evening, children must practise their weekly spellings (these are tested on a Friday)

  • Maths homework will be set weekly and is linked to what the children are learning about in class. Sometimes this will be a worksheet, other times it will be an electronic game on Abacus like last year.

  • The learning destination book can be used for any additional home learning that your child wishes to do.



Year six were tremendously resilient during our time at Braeside, with all children trying their absolute best to challenge themselves and achieve. We participated in canoeing, climbing, orienteering, canal dipping, fire and shelter building as well as 'The Leap of Faith'. It was action packed from the day we arrived. What was even more impressive was the fact that the Braeside staff commented on how polite and respectful our children were; I have noticed just how much this experience has developed their team-building skills and kindness. I am extremely proud of this amazing group of young people. Have a look at the advice from Bartek and Mario about canoeing and climbing at Braeside.

Life after SATs

After an exhausting week of SATs, year six have had a well-deserved morning of breakfast, rounders and games. Check out the fun we have had!

Breakfast Club

Health Week

Year six designed healthy fruit crumble recipes. They decreased the amount of sugar, swapped flour for oats and also included cinnamon for flavour. They were delicious! Great team work!

Bath Uni Visit

Year six were very lucky to be invited to Bath University as part of the tap into science week. The focus was photonics and how light is made. The children loved the laser activity where they created a beam splitter to split the light in two directions; here they also learnt about the iris within the eye using a lens to allow different amounts of light through. The morning consisted of learning about crystals and their formation of atoms; understanding what chiral meant and creating a light 'piano' . Of course, the most memorable part was when we met Photon, the robot, who taught us that light is made up of seven colours in the following order:

Violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange and red. We were so well behaved that we also were treated to a tour of the laboratories. An interesting fact for you: Did you know that the sun is actually white?


Writing Competition

Just wanted to share some of my favourite entries. Some of these were amazing and really show how far our writing has come. There was  fantastic description used, from our youngest children right up to the top of the school. I could actually imagine some of these selling in the shops! Please have a little read as they are wonderful.

Y6 Puzzle Challenge Completed!

Keeping Safe

At Newtown, we take safety very seriously and as part of this we invited two lovely fire officers into our year two and six classrooms this week. The purpose was to ensure that the children were aware of risks, preventing fires and also knowing what to do should a fire break out at home. The children showed incredible maturity and were able to identify risks such as overloaded plug sockets, unattended candles and kitchen appliances left on. Three key messages came out of the workshops:

  • Check your smoke alarms weekly
  • Never leave phones or gadgets on charge overnight
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan at home should a fire happen
  • Be safe!

The first children in Year 6 to reach their 25 milestone for reading

New Book Scheme

Year six have been thoroughly enjoying our new book scheme! The children have been reading every evening and making a conscious effort to keep the books in brilliant condition. As they are the first children to ever pick up these books within our school, they have decided to write a small review at the end of the book to help others make an informed choice when choosing their next read. It makes me so excited to see children enjoy reading and there’s nothing better than picking up a brand-new book. Please feel free to tell us what you think about our new scheme by popping a little note into your child’s reading record. Thank you again for your support. Keep on reading!

Miss Fisher (Literacy coordinator)