Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Cedar Class (Year 5)

A huge warm welcome to all children, parents and carers!


My name is Mrs Freiman and I will be teaching Cedar class this year with the support of our fantastic teaching assistant, Mrs Williamson. We will be working together to ensure that all the children achieve their full potential.


This year is a very important year, and although there will be challenges; we hope that all the children are excited by their new learning. In Cedar class, we respect everybody and everything, and we try our best in everything that we do. This helps us to have a fun and creative learning environment.


PE kit needs to be in school every day. The children will have swimming lessons on a Monday afternoon, so they will need to ensure they have their swimming costume and a towel in school on this day.

Health Week

On Friday morning, Cedar class were lucky enough to visit Wagamama for an insight into their restaurant. The children took part in several activities, discussing healthy food and drinks.

One of the activities involved guessing the name of the fruit, herb or vegetable before tasting several juices. The first being apple juice (a big thumbs up for that one) and the other being ginger and carrot. I’m not sure all of the children were impressed with that one! The children also got taught about all of the different types of rice and noodles that are used and which ones are the healthiest. The third activity was the chopstick challenge – attempting to transfer different pieces of fruits and vegetables from one bowl to another, in just one minute, using chopsticks. This was a lot of fun! At the end, the children were all given a bowl of noodles with chicken and vegetables to taste. Although some were not too keen, many wolfed down the dish and were full of smiles upon leaving.


The staff were absolutely fantastic and the children had an amazing time. A big thank you to Wagamama for having us. We look forward to returning!

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Cedar class have been extremely busy getting their teeth into our new topic for this term – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Not only have they produced numerous pieces of work in school, but some have even taken their learning further and produced wonderful home learning pieces.

At the start of this term, the children created some beautiful art work for their presentation books by looking at still life paintings of Paul Cezanne, and recreating them in black and white. They have also written some excellent biographies of Jamie Oliver, thinking about his campaign for improving school meals.

In order to learn more about this term’s topic, they have found out about healthy foods and how to keep their mind healthy. Next week is going to be very exciting as the children will get to make healthy muffins which they have designed, and on Friday, we are going to have a class visit to Wagamama! Not sure about the children, but I can’t wait!

We the Curious

Cedar class were very lucky to visit We The Curious, last Friday, as part of our topic on Earth and Space. It is always a pleasure to take the children of Newtown out of school where they can show off their impeccable behaviour. They did not let us down and I was extremely proud of them throughout the whole day. On the day, not only did they get to take part in a workshop where they learnt all about the effects of travelling In space, but they also had time to explore the many fantastic exhibits. However, the most amazing part of the trip (I’m sure all the children would agree) was our visit to the Planetarium, where the children were able to experience space in 3D. I’m almost certain a few of the children collected some of the rocks from the asteroid belt!

Our topic - WW1

Cedar class have been very busy since returning from the half term holidays. This term we are reading War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo. We are also learning about WW1 and basing our writing around WW1 and the story of War Horse. So far, we have written about the role of animals during WW1 and we are now in the process of writing a newspaper report reflecting the mood of Britain at the outbreak of WW1. We hope to publish these by the end of the week. We had great fun last week in history, discussing and creating a timeline of the key events which led to WW1.This has enabled us to build a greater understanding of why WW1 took place. In addition, Cedar class have been brilliant at completing their own research on WW1 as part of their home learning and are showing real enjoyment for this topic.

Our first week...

Has it only been a week that we’ve been back at school?! It feels like we were never away. Cedar class have settled into the routines of the school day amazingly well. I have been so impressed!

As our topic this term is British Values, the children have begun by writing poetry about themselves, they have learnt what democracy is and they have been learning about the different counties of England.

In art, they have just started a self-portrait, which will be finished this week. I can already tell that they are going to be fantastic!

We have such an exciting term coming up and I’m sure the children are looking forward to it just as much as I am.