Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Willow (Reception)

Welcome to Willow class,

We are the EYFS unit at Newtown school and we love having fun while we play, explore and learn.

In Willow class the children are lucky enough to have 2 bright, cheerful classrooms to learn in and a fantastic outside area too.


Mrs Tawn leads the unit and works Mon-Thurs.

Miss Brown teaches in the unit and Mrs Wiater and Miss Ingram support us all week.

Mrs Gray teaches in Willow class on Fridays.




Willow class get creative with chicken wire!


As part of our under the sea topic Willow class used chicken wire to make different fish sculptures.

The children were so sensible using the wire cutters and tried really hard to bend and shape the wire so it looked like a fish. This was quite tricky because it was so fiddly to connect the wire and we had to wear safety gloves to protect our hands, making it more difficult to hold the wire pieces.

When the shapes were complete the children used tissue paper to cover them.

The 2 fish and basking shark creations we made are now proudly hanging up in Willow class if you wanted to come and see them.

Postman Trev comes to Newtown!

On Wednesday Willow class had a surprise visit from Postman Trev (Mrs Tawn's Dad!) who came to talk to the children about delivering letters and what happens in a post office. He also brought us some special stamps to put on our envelopes for our letters to Santa that we will be posting this week. The children are now very excited about pretending to be postmen and women in our Christmas post office role play area too!

Seasonal snowmen!

With the weather getting chilly outside Willow class have been busy enjoying sparkly play dough creating our very own wintery snowmen. The children had sticks and buttons added to the dough table and decided they would build snowmen.

It has been great to see all the different types they have made.

Have a look for yourselves, I'm sure you will agree they are magical!

Magical mark making!

Willow class have been busy this week working hard learning letter sounds. The children also had a go at writing the sounds they learnt along with other patterns and marks in lots of different ways. We enjoyed using big marker pens to make different shapes and patterns, using paintbrushes and water to paint the playground with letter shapes and a favourite activity was definitely getting messy making marks in foam. Mr Marshall even came to have a go at ‘round the apple, down the leaf’ (letter sound a). What a super week we have had. Well done Willow class learners! J