Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Pine (Year 1/2)

Welcome to Pine Class!

 Mrs Coate is our Teachers. 

Mrs Hall is our Teaching Assistant.


In Pine class we are always kind, polite, friendly, willing to try new things and prepared to listen and learn. 

Some of the fun things we do in Pine Class are;

Swimming in our school pool

Reading and listening to stories

Singing songs

Painting and drawing

Making models with clay and construction kits

Learning with the ipads

Counting and playing number games

Exciting and imaginative topics with fun role play areas.

Trips to the library, park and a castle.


We are all really excited about the year ahead and hope it will be full of fun and learning. We will be working alongside Sycamore class to discover the following new and exciting topics:  

  • Term 1  -Roald Dahl
  • Term 2 - Light and Dark and Florence Nightingale
  • Term 3 - Dinosaurs
  • Term 4 - Africa
  • Term 5 - Castles
  • Term 6 - Seaside

What an exciting day!

This term we have been focusing on Roald Dahl. We began the term by learning a little bit about Roald Dahl himself. We then read three of his stories – Esio Trot, The Enormous Crocodile and Giraffe, the Pelly and Me. We all really enjoyed these stories and produced some great writing about them.

To finish off a great term we had a Roald Dahl Day. During the day, the children rotated around three different activities: clay tortoises, creating a tortoise shell and writing and reading tortoise language! The children came in dressed up as their favourite characters. Have a look at the wonderful costumes – don’t they look amazing?

Giraffe invasion!

In Pine class, we have been reading Giraffe, the Pelly and Me. Whilst reading it we researched the animals found in the story. We learnt lots of interesting facts about giraffes, pelicans and monkeys. This made us realise that the story wasn’t completely factual. For example, a giraffe’s neck can’t keep growing longer and longer like the giraffe from the story!

We liked the giraffes so much that we decided to make our own. We started by creating the correct shape. Next, we covered them in Modroc and lastly we painted them. Have a look at the pictures…they look amazing!

A visitor to Pine Class

On Friday 14th October, Pine Class had a visitor – George the tortoise! George came in to visit us before he hibernates for the winter. We have learnt all about why and how animals hibernate.

We wrote some questions to ask about Geroge. We learnt lots about how to look after a tortoise and heard some funny stories about George – apparently he doesn’t like the lawn mower and chases it around the garden!

Thank you very much to Mrs Clarke for bringing George in for us to meet.

Getting our hedgehogs ready for hibernation

As part of our literacy, we learnt about hibernation and wrote some non-fiction sentences. Did you know that some animals hibernate as it gets too cold for them to survive in winter? Did you know that they eat lots of food in preparation for hibernation? Did you know that they make their nests comfortable with grass and leaves?

We made our own hedgehogs using clay and twigs that we collected. Next, we created a small nest for them using a plant pot, leaves and grass. Have a look at some of the pictures to see our cute hedgehogs.