Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Oak (Year 6)

Welcome to year six, Oak Class. This year’s teaching staff include: Miss Fisher who will be teaching all week; Mrs Hunt who will be joining year six every morning to help boost your literacy and maths skills and Miss Moore who is Oak’s fantastic teaching assistant. Year six will be developing many skills this year and covering exciting topics such as ‘Great British Writers’, ‘The Mayans’ and ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

Our aim is to provide your child with the best possible education and prepare them to be great independent learners who are ready to take that next step on their learning journey as they head towards secondary school.  We want to encourage your child to take on additional responsibility within the school, help them become confident in themselves as a learner and encourage them to become active, helpful citizens within the community.

Junior Good Citizen


Year six spent a sunny afternoon at Junior Good Citizen yesterday and learnt about:

  • road safety and safe braking distances
  • first aid for unconscious casualties
  • dog fouling and the importance of cleaning up after your pet
  • staying safe online
  • anti-social behaviour
  • crimes and punishment


It was a fantastic afternoon and the children learnt many skills. During the road safety session the children used a simulator to practise stopping when a pedestrian suddenly appeared in front of their car. This wasn’t about their driving skills but rather being aware of how long it can take for a vehicle to stop should they step out in front of one. Did you know that a car travelling at just 30mph would take 23 metres to stop? The first aid session was very useful and the children showed great maturity when learning how to ensure the airways are clear and then place a casualty in the recovery position whilst waiting for an ambulance. They also showed great awareness of online safety when they were put to the test by a PCSO, who was texting from another room pretending to be a young boy of a similar age. At no point throughout the afternoon did any of our year sixes give out any personal details which was very reassuring. Well done Oak class. You were fantastic as always.

Homework Club is Fun

Well done to our team of year sixes who have been attending homework club for the past two terms. We are very lucky to have a fab team of volunteers, including one of our school governors, who work with us every week. The idea is that the children get 1:1 support with any learning they need more time to consolidate. This has been hugely successful and the children have thoroughly enjoyed turning up and remaining committed week in week out. The children are always rewarded with games and DT challenges at the end of term to show our appreciation for all their efforts. Thank you to our volunteers and to our year sixes who have made this a fabulous experience.

Miss Fisher


Shell Painting in Oak Class

Please come into our entrance hall by reception and see our beautifully decorated scallop shells. This is something that Kensuke (from the novel Kensuke's Kingdom) did as a pastime and to enable him to visualise his memories. The children studied the significance of the blossom tree and used their fine art skills to recreate the blossom flowers on the shells. I'm sure you will agree that they are stunning.

Science Light Workshop

On Thursday the 16th March, Oak class were thrilled to welcome a group of scientists from Bath University into their classroom. The workshop taught us all about light, crystals, lasers and how pixels look through a microscope. It was fascinating to see how the surrounding colours of an object can alter what the eye sees. The children learnt that there are three primary colours of light - red, blue and green and that these colours make up all the other colours that we see. We also found out that the colours of light have a particular order and the children explored this by making and playing a silent keyboard. The molecules of light were explored through various activities but the most memorable was the crystal activity, where the children handled various crystals and recreated the molecule structure using magnetic rods and balls. The children were absolutely buzzing about science by the end of the day and were exceptionally behaved as always.

Kensuke's Kingdom

Year six have been delving into the story of Kensuke's Kingdom. This week we have recreated the Peggy Sue (the boat from the story) using watercolour.

Fraction Geniuses!

Year six are fraction geniuses! We have learnt to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions the past week. There were many challenges involved in this; converting improper fractions, searching for common denominators as well as knowing out times tables facts securely. The children worked hard to find rules to make this memorable.

Year six have been having some well deserved craft time this week; these are our handmade bauble cards that they have designed and made for relatives this Christmas.

Romeo and Juliet are found dead!

Year six have become budding journalists this week and have been reporting on this tragedy. Not only have they worked extremely hard with their presentation but they have included features such as direct and reported speech, the passive voice and also alternative sentence starters. Please take a look! 

Romeo & Juliet

Year six have been studying Romeo and Juliet. As well as performing dramatic scenes, we have been learning to use Shakespearean language. Here are some examples of our letters to juliet's father persuading him to change his mind about her marriage to Paris. 

Mini Midday Supervisors

Newtowns mini midday supervisors get stuck in with the eyfs and ks1 children.

This week saw the introduction of our team of mini midday supervisors who have voluntarily given up their play times to help support the younger children in the school. Their role involves supporting children with learning new skills such as basketball, writing skills and using the playtime equipment safely. They also have shown great patience with the children by modelling good behaviour and sharing conversations with them. We are very thankful to these very special children. Thank you!