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Trowbridge Youth Parliament

Trowbridge Youth Parliament


On Wednesday 11th October Willow, Luke and Mrs Cameron attended the Trowbridge Youth Parliament Meeting at The Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge. Trowbridge Youth Parliament allows the voices of our children to be heard in recognising, understanding and debating key issues that affect the youth of today and the wider community.


In today’s meeting, Willow and Luke contributed extremely well when discussing how people debate in parliament. Some of the discussions covered the importance of diversity, and how important it is that everyone has a voice, no matter who they are or where they come from. As Willow quite rightly said “It should be fairness for all”.


Throughout the morning we also discussed about how to debate effectively, including the key skills you need to have as a speaker such as: good listening skills; good speaking skills; respecting one another; being confident; being articulate and clear about what key points you are putting across; being passionate about what they are talking about and using persuasive language.


Willow and Luke now have to work hard at composing an effective argument to debate the topic “Should teachers wear school uniform?” at the next Trowbridge Youth Parliament Meeting. Willow and Luke have both decided to compose an argument to vote for teachers having to wear a uniform. They now need your help…. If you have a good reason or view about why teachers should wear school uniform, please write down your idea and put it in the “TYP Box” in the reception area of Newtown School. Willow and Luke will then look through your ideas and can put some of your views in their argument that they will be presenting at the next meeting. Remember, your voice counts.

Willow and Luke were fantastic role models of the school, and their behaviour was exemplary. Both pupils represented the school extremely well, and will be excellent advocates for the school at future meetings (they even learnt how to make and enjoy a cup of tea!)


Mrs Cameron