Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Teaching Staff 



Head Teacher: Mr C Marshall
Assistant Head/ SENCO Mrs V Allen
Assistant Head Miss A Fisher
Reception:  Miss F Brown & Mrs Z Coate
Year 1: Mrs C Tawn
Year 2: Miss K Huggett
Year 2: Miss D Lacey
Year 3: Mrs D. Kempton
Year 3: Miss R Amey
Year 4: Mrs N Bieda
Year 5: Mrs R Freiman
Year 6: Miss A Fisher






Support Staff


School Business Manager

Mrs L Laing

Administrative Officer

Miss S Smith

Administrative Assistant Mrs C Heydon

Site Manager

Mr H Hornby

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Clark

Mrs S Hall

Mrs A King

Mrs S Phillips

Mrs S Slade

Mrs D Wiater

Mrs S Williamson

Sports Coach/Teaching Assistant

Mr M Briant

MIdday Supervisory Assistants


Miss S Foley

Mrs L Maryan (First Aid)

Mrs S Phillips(First Aid)

Mrs S Slade

Mrs K Stevens

Mrs D Wiater

Crossing Patrol

Mrs L Maryan


Mrs L Dicks

Mrs K Stevens

Catering Manager

Mrs K Wiltshire

Catering Assistant

Mrs A Mould

Miss E Spillane