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Victory in our first match of the term!

Football League Match Report


On Thursday 24th September, Newtown football team played a match against Keevil. It was a 2-1 victory!


We got changed into our kit and had a massive team talk about positions and tactics.  Kick-off was just 5 minutes away and everyone was really excited.  Our formation was  1-2-1-2-1.  Nikolas in goal, me and Dawid in defence, Scotty was in CDM, Ryan and Mark on the wing and Bartek up front.  In the first half we scored and everyone went     mental!  I was close with a free kick from 40 yards out but it hit the cross bar. 


In the second half, Newtown went 2-0 up, everyone thought for sure that they wouldn’t score, but they did! They smashed into the top corner of the goal.  Then the match ended, with a 2-1 victory.  Everyone went home with the feeling of joy and pride.

James Year 6