Newtown Community Primary School
'Newtown Primary School is a Community Primary School and we take the "Community" aspect of our title very seriously. Our children, their families and extended families are at the heart of everything we do.'

Catch up Premium and 'Bounce Back' Curriculum

Newtown Community Primary School use of Catch-Up Premium and ‘Bounce Back’ Curriculum

The government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure. This is especially important for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our school will receive £15600 to enable us to support children on their return school in September, this support is detailed in the plan below.  

Our strategy to support children to catch up is guided by two key principles:

  1. An adapted programme of learning in place between September and November.  This adapted curriculum is known as our ‘Bounce Back’ curriculum. 
  2. Increasing staffing capacity to provide targeted support for children through 1:1 and small group core learning interventions.